About Us

Wooden fencing around a yard. highway specialty contractors


Located in Glenmoore, Pennsylvania, Collinson, Inc. has been a family owned company for multiple generations. They provide highway specialty contractors services and commercial general contractors . Founded in 1973, the company was purchased by Tom Collinson Sr. in 1978, and was renamed to the current Collinson, Inc. in 1981.

Collinson, Inc. is a pre-qualified highway specialty contractor and commercial general contractor in the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, as well as dozens of counties and townships within these states and provides commercial general contractors services, construction services, highway specialty contractors services, guardrail repair, commercial or steel fencing, shoulder barriers, signs, and more.

A recognized leader in constructing wood guardrail systems, Collinson, Inc. is also known for an extended record of excellence in constructing and maintaining commercial fencing, galvanized guide rail systems, shoulder barriers, steel fencing, and complex fence systems. Collinson also installs and maintains signs and highway sign structures from the smallest roadside variety, to the largest overhead structures. Previous clients include numerous government agencies at the federal, state and local levels. This includes PennDOT, DelDOT, Maryland State Highway, as well as most general contractors within the company’s service region.


Collinson’s Estimating and Project Management teams contain individuals with more than 20 years of highway safety experience.

Tom Collinson, Jr.

President of the company. Tom, Jr. has been with the company for over 35 years and devotes most of his efforts toward new business development and customer service.

Bob Miller

CEO. Bob brings over 30 years of executive management experience to the company.

Todd Carlile

Vice President. Todd leads the Estimating and Project Management functions with over 25 years of highway construction experience.

Collinson employs some of the most experienced commercial general contractors and craftsman in the industry with its management personnel averaging more than 25 years of industry experience. Contact us about any of our services and we can show you just why we are one of the best commercial general contractors and guide rail contractors you’ll find in the Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland areas and beyond.