Our Services

If you are interested in a highway or fencing project or have any questions about guardrail repair or installation, we have qualified commercial general contractors that would love to help you! Some of our clients include PennDOT, DelDOT, Maryland State Highway, and other government agencies.

Chain link/ steel fencing covering bridge over highway installed by the contractors that work at Collinson Inc.
Installing a highway sign structure on a bridge going over the Potomac river.
Steel guardrail on divided highway installed by Collinson Inc.

Guard Rails

Guide Rail Systems

Collinson Inc. is a recognized leader in the installation of wood guide rail systems and provides guardrail repair contractors and commercial general contractors for your highway projects. We take pride in our ability to complete Heavy and Highway large volume projects from state transportation departments, as well as the smaller projects requiring special material or custom design features on a local or individual level. We maintain a large inventory of standard highway galvanized materials from pre-approved vendors within our regions of operation and we provide minimal turnaround times on many specialty projects.

  • Heavy and Highway Guide Rail/ Guardrail Systems
  • Commercial and Industrial Guard Rail/ Guardrail Systems
  • Galvanized Steel Fencing, Weathering Steel Fencing, Polyester Coated Fencing, Painted Fencing
  • Cable and Wood Guide Rail/ Guardrail
  • Impact Attenuators and End Treatments
  • Concrete Median and Shoulder Barriers
  • Sound Barriers


Complex Fence Systems

The Collinson family has been installing the most complex fence systems, providing the best guardrail repair, and offering the services of highly-qualified contractors for five generations going back to the late 1800’s. Collinson commercial general contractors install quality products supplied by approved vendors capable of meeting job material specifications. Most of our vendors are pre-approved to supply to various state and government agencies in the areas which we work.

  • Heavy and Highway Right-of-Way Fence
  • Bridge Parapet Fence and Railing
  • High Security Fence Designs for Military and Prison Applications
  • Commercial and Industrial Fence Systems
  • Scholastic, Collegiate & Professional Athletic Fencing
  • Galvanized, Aluminized and Aluminum Fence
  • Thermally Fused and Bonded Vinyl-Coated Steel Chain Link Fencing
  • Powder-Coated Ornamental Picket Fence
  • Wood and Vinyl Fence
  • Guard Rails with Railings or Fence Attached in Combination
  • Farm, Ranch and Deer Fencing
  • Gates of all Types: Vehicle, Pedestrian, High Security, etc.
  • Gate Operators and Access Controls
  • Wood and Steel Bollards


Highway Signs

For two decades Collinson, Inc. and its contractors have improved their regions’ infrastructure through the installation of the most complex highway sign structures from Maryland through Pennsylvania and Delaware. Collinson commercial general contractors can also install and maintain roadside signs of all shapes and sizes as well as traffic control and safety signage on private property.

  • Overhead Highway Sign Structures
  • Heavy and Highway Roadside Signing
  • Variable Message Signs
  • Extruded Aluminum and Flat Sheet Signing
  • Excavation, Concrete Work and Steel Erection
  • Smaller Roadside and Commercial Signing
  • Directional and Information Signs for Private Property