Industrial, Commercial, Residential

Unpainted wooden fence. Curving at the top, commercial general contractor

Collinson Inc. is a commercial general contractor that can provide industrial, commercial, and residential construction services. If you are interested in an industrial, commercial, or residential construction project, feel free to contact us with questions!


Collinson Inc. is a recognized leader in the installation of wood guide rail systems and guardrail repair contractor. We take pride in our ability to complete Heavy and Highway large volume projects, as well as the smaller projects requiring special material or custom design features. We maintain a large inventory of standard highway galvanized materials from pre-approved vendors within our regions of operation and we provide minimal turnaround times on many specialty projects.

The Collinson family has been installing the most complex fence systems and best guardrail repair for five generations going back to the late 1800’s. Collinson contractors install quality products supplied by approved vendors capable of meeting job material specifications. Most of our vendors are pre-approved to supply to various state and government agencies in the areas which we work.

For two decades Collinson, Inc. has improved its regions’ infrastructure through the installation of the most complex highway signs from Virginia through Pennsylvania. Our contractors can also install and maintain roadside signs of all shapes and sizes as well as traffic control and safety signage on private property.